Virtually the entire world supply of supplements is in pharmaceutical grade, chemical/synthetic or “isolated” form. These nutrients never appear in this form anywhere on this planet in live food, and as such we simply do not have receptor sites for them. This is the main reason you hear people say that taking Mega-Doses of vitamins and minerals just give you expensive urine, which is very true.

We are also made very aware that our commercial farm soils are desperately depleted of essential nutrients and have been after WWII due to modern farming methods and chemicals. The human body needs in excess of 60 minerals, yet only 8 exist in any kind of quantity in the food we eat today. Our FoodFusion™ supplements provide the perfect alternative, delivering nutrients in exactly the same food form as that provided by the plant. Why are they so much better?

They Are:
• Better absorbed
• Better used
• Better retained
• Delivered in appropriate doses rather than in huge doses of inorganic material

Consider this analogy: If you post a letter to the other side of the world simply with someone’s name on it, that person will never receive it. Every part of the address is required if the letter is to reach its intended recipient. The same applies to a nutrient – it requires amino acids, lipids, enzymes, carbohydrates and bioflavonoids to reach its intended receptor site, and these are the elements a plant provides. If you take these away you are left with an isolated nutrient with no delivery mechanism, yet this is the form in which so-called “natural” supplements exist.

FoodFusion™ supplements are re-natured to create fully formed food nutrients with all of the delivery food factors provided by the plant, making them much easier to absorb, use and retain than ordinary supplements. This basically means you can get better results from less material because the human body knows where to deliver the nutrients and can actually utilize them.  This will result in maintenance of basic nutritional needs.