The Ultimate Vitamin Club was created to help people make sure that they get superior nutrients to boost their health.

Created by Damon Perry, a nutritional-researcher, formulator, and entrepreneur, the UVC fills the need for basic foundational health.  Most people are aware that the American food supply is sorely lacking in nutrients.  This is a fact and is the result of farming practices, chemicals, and profit.  Many of the preventable diseases in our world are skyrocketing because people are simply deficient in many of the basic vitamins and minerals our complex bodies require on a daily basis just to maintain good health.  Over time, these deficiencies manifest as health issues and disease.

Most people know that they should be supplementing with a multi-vitamin and many individual vitamins as well.  However, with our busy lives, we don’t always take them daily or replenish the bottles monthly, causing large time-gaps of not getting the required nutrients.  This doesn’t even take into account that the majority of store-bought vitamins/minerals are basically worthless in terms of your body actually absorbing them.  They’re basically trash laced with potentially harmful fillers. Not a form your body recognizes or utilizes efficiently.

This is the premise behind UVC,  you can order 1 single bottle to try, or get the supplements you want on an Auto-ship basis which save a little money in shipping costs, automates the delivery of your product, and ensures that you do not run out of your supplements.

“I am passionate about helping people I know with their nutrition and health questions.  I created this project to get the best nutrients I could get into the hands of everybody, considering you can not buy these at GNC or Wal-Mart.  You can change your subscription whenever you want, only order a few bottles before subscribing, etc.  I want people to be happy with ordering from the UVC and support their health in a good way.”

– Damon Perry, Founder. UVC


Ultimate Vitamin Club was created to simplify the monthly delivery of high-end nutritional supplements to customers to ensure that they do not run out of the basic nutrition their bodies need on a daily basis.